Where to stay in Singapore: Budget hotels you need to know

Singapore is an amazing island and the best thing about choosing where to stay is that you will be close to fun and the action. As a tourist and being your first time to travel to Singapore, there are several decisions that you need to make when it comes to choosing the best hotel or hostel where you will get to spend a night.

Price, close proximity to the airport as well as to shopping malls, close proximity to restaurants and travel agents are some of the factors that many people need to consider when choosing the best place to stay for the night.


Below is where to stay in Singapore.


Rucksack Inn

Located along the Hong Kong street, it is a 10 bed mixed dorm where cleanliness and neatness are some of the factors that will attract you when you step through the door. The rooms are mid sized and the bunk beds have their own lamps and a top sheet which ensure that you get to sleep well.

The rooms are fitted with air conditioners which help to cool the room especially from the sweaty Singapore climate. The doors are fitted with security locks which require a keycode therefore you and your luggage will be safe for the night.


Grand Park City Hall

Located near the Armenian Church of Saint Gregory and the Peninsula plaza, the four star Singapore hotel is centrally located in the city therefore you will get to enjoy a few sights of the city before flying out.

The four star hotel has 333 air conditioned rooms which feature mini bars and LCD televisions for entertainment. Internet access, cable programming, private bathrooms, laptop compatible safes and desks are some of the amenities you can get to enjoy at the hotel.


Nostalgia Hotel

Just as the name suggests, staying at the hotel will be a memorable experience you will get remembered for quite some time after you have flown out of Singapore. Located in the Central business district, the location of the hotel allows you to get a look at the old wonders and charms of the city. Located in one of the most historical areas in the city, it is affordable and has a non smoking policy which is perfect for those who don’t smoke.


Beary Best

This is a colorful hostel that is located in Chinatown. It is clean, comfortable, has friendly staff who are ready to assist you and numerous other facilities. It is spacious and provides a large area for guests to congregate.

It has an 8 bed mixed dorm which is mid sized with lockers and a bedside lamp. A keycard is provided once you have paid therefore you will be assured of security through the night.


Pod boutique

Located on the upper floors of a modern building along Beach road on the corner of the Arab street, the Pod brands itself as a boutique capsule hotel. Everything on offer at the Pod has the boutique look and feel. There are several good amenities on offer such as strong wifi, reading light, foldable desk, charging port and blinds for more privacy.


If you plan to stay in Singapore for a few month you can rent a condo:



or rent a room



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